Why Blend In When You Were Born To Stand Out - 5 Bold Ways to Express Yourself

With the help of the internet, you can learn to do just about anything these days. Whether you want to learn to make your own clothes or figure out how the makeup pros create a flawless look, it’s all online. Take up knitting, hydro-dip everything you own, give yourself nail salon-worthy manicures — the options are practically endless. Ultimately it’s all a great way to figure out the best outward ways to show who you are on the inside. Whether you’re ready to step out of your shell and show off your bold side, or you want to change up your aesthetic to match your mood, consider these ideas to find your best and boldest means of self-expression.


It may not feel like it, thanks to the over-abundance of beauty-focused YouTube channels out there, but makeup is not just about conforming to beauty stereotypes — it’s an amazing way to stand out and yell who you are without saying a word. With a bit of creativity and a dash of confidence, you can create all-out art on your face (and body). 

Whether you want to create a punk makeup look to show your rebellious spirit, or you want to strive for something that looks like minimalist art, it’s easy to use your face as a daily canvas to display your creativity. And, thanks to the ever-growing array of bold, colorful makeup options, you can start with a paper-white foundation, swipe on neon eyeliner, rock black, glittery lips, and so much more. Colorful makeup gives you the opportunity to create art and express yourself in new ways day after day. Live your best life and try using makeup items in ways other than the intended purpose — like trying eyeshadow and gloss as a lip color. 

Makeup is also a beautiful way to embrace the inner person you may be scared to show others. It’s a way to play with the ideas of masculinity and femininity, to go for shock value or subtly change your appearance. This is especially true for transgender individuals, genderqueer/nonbinary folks, and any members of the LGBTQ+ community who boldly toss aside the “societally approved” idea of gender norms. No matter how subtle or bold, makeup is an affordable way to show how you feel about yourself. It’s also a fun way to play with looks and explore a new side of yourself in a safe, non-permanent way for anyone ready to experiment before making more permanent changes to their look. 


If you’ve seen anything about punk hair color trends over the years, it’s easy to see how you can say a lot with your hair. A green and black mohawk immediately tells the casual observer about your counter-cultural stance — and your love of punk music, too. But bold, electric hair colors don’t have to be reserved for the punks and goths of the world. You can just as easily give yourself fun, bubbly mermaid hair or opalescent unicorn hair. Whether your goal is to say something about your political beliefs or you simply want to stand out and show off the best parts of your spirit, colorful hair dyes give you the freedom to do so. 

Dabbling with bold hair dyes is also a great way to play with self-expression if you’re in a position that you can’t get the piercings or tattoos you want. A bold red dye can give you the non-traditional effects while sticking to a “traditional” hair color, or you could dye just the underlayer with an electric hair dye color for bold hair that can be hidden as necessary to help you fit the requirements when you need to look more “professional.” Fortunately, hair can also be dyed so you can cover bold colors if you ever need to. It’s the perfect way to live your boldest life, but with the flexibility to adjust your look when life gets in the way. 


The punk scene is known for being the DIY, crafty, make-it-your-own group when it comes to clothing. From patches on leather jackets to shirts held together with safety pins to having fun with different threads and paints, the options are all about giving you the freedom to make any garment your own. Even if the punk aesthetic isn’t your preference, anyone can learn from that can-do attitude. If you’re looking for new ways to express the true you, the answer may not lie in finding the perfect store-bought clothes. 

Try some DIY measures to make things more your style, instead. Cut off a collar, enhance a skirt with layers of lace or feathers, add patches to your pants, try your hand at tie-dye or other fabric paints, and just have fun with it! Your clothes can be a canvas for your creative, artistic urges just like your hair and makeup can be. Head to crafty sites online for inspiration, scour local thrift and resale shops for unique finds, and make completely individualized, unique garments to rock your individual style. 


By this point in our blog, this should be a no-brainer. Belts, bracelets, hats, and all of those of other accessory options are the cherry on top of your self-expression sundae. If you feel like you don’t have the creativity to take on DIY clothing alterations, well, first things first, try anyway! But if that’s not your thing, mixing and matching accessories is a great way to express yourself. For you crafty folks, accessories are another prime opportunity to create your own wearable art. If you don’t want to get crafty, mixing and matching different styles can help you create the bold aesthetic you want. Ignore the “rules” about mixing gold and silver jewelry; wear stripes, plaid, and polka dots together; mix animal prints; and whatever else your heart desires. The point is to use the accessories as a means of self-expression, so toss out the “rules” and do what makes your heart happy. 


When we talk about manicures, you don’t need to just think French tips and one glittery nail per hand. Manicures offer so many options for self-expression that they get their own section, separate from makeup. Manicures can go so much further than wearing a few different colors of nail polish, or choosing unconventional colors. Just stop and run a quick internet search for interesting nail art to see what we mean. There are tutorials out there to help you turn your nails into bowls of ramen, chili peppers with stems, and even 3D nail polish bottles with screw-off caps. Paint every nail with a different design, mix up your manicure to match every outfit, and generally treat each nail like it’s your own personal canvas. 

The goal with all of this is to be the you you most want to be. Whether that means quiet, minimalist details or a bold, in-your-face style, the choice is yours. You are a bold, beautiful, individual so do what makes you feel like the best you! Embrace your inner power and share what you love with the world. If you’re not sure how to get started, well, that’s what Manic Panic is here for! From colorful makeup to punk hair color and more, we pride ourselves on offering unconventional colors of hair dye and makeup so you don’t have to be limited by options. All of our hair dyes and colorful makeup are made to mix, match, and blend so you can live your life boldly!